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Friday, September 15, 2017

‘ASEAN Is More – First Stop Singapore’ Southeast Asia’s Travel Offer

In celebration of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) 50th founding anniversary, global travel brands Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and Singapore Airlines have partnered to launch a regional travel campaign called “ASEAN Is More – First Stop Singapore.” The campaign will showcase Southeast Asia’s diverse destinations with specially curated leisure travel offers, which can be reserved from 1 August to 31 October 2017 at, for stays until 31 December 2017.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Eatery - Four Points by Sheraton Penang

My this year's Merdeka celebration was filled with the harmonious flavours at The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton Penang. The menu underwent some works and now, there is an even wider selection of food to please your palates. From Oriental to European style of cooking, the array of cuisine made available will probably give you a tough time, because choosing among the many is not going to be easy. Well that's a good thing haha..

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ixora Hotel Penang - Corporate Appreciation Night "Sparks with Ixora II"

I recently visited Ixora Hotel Penang upon their invitation for their Sparks with Ixora II night. I was such an honour to be there for a night that showcased the brand new additions to the hotel. Hotel guest can look forward to an even more delightful experience on overall at the hotel.

While waiting for the ballroom to open its doors for event, we were treated to light bites and an irresistible presentation of chocolate fountain. Everyone was flocking at that area as it was beautifully presented. Skewers of fruits that were so hard to resist in chocolate.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pizzeria at Hard Rock Hotel Penang

At Pizzeria, it's all about siting back, relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze blowing while you indulge away all the beautiful and scrumptious creations back here. Dining at Pizzeria isn't the same, as dining here isn't confined by the 4 walls but instead a cozy ambiance with such nice outdoor atmosphere makes dining such pleasurable.

The menu offers a wide selection of mouth-watering items such salads, soups, pasta, pizzas and my favourite part of the meal, desserts. Slurrrrrp. 

As you walk pass the poolside, Pizzeria welcomes diners to an open-air dining experience.  

The chefs made our table look so gorgeous with all the deco.

Spot the Chef throwing the pizza up in air.

This was my first time dining at Pizzeria, so it's time to drool looking at all the delicious goodies I had the chance to try.

Antipasto RM 38.00 nett
Grilled octopus, rolled beef pepperoni,  smoked turkey rolls, roasted mix peppers, grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant, black olives, mushrooms, feta cheese, garlic bread and balsamic vinegar.

The antipasto on general was pretty interesting. It just such an eye-catcher from afar.

Minestrone Soup RM 21 nett
Mixed vegetables, shell pasta and garlic bread.
The minestrone soup offered a nice sourish tomato soup which was just right. Nicely seasoned as well.

Chicken Popcorn RM 26 nett
Deep fried sesame chicken popcorn served with garden salad and wasabi mayo.
This dish is simple yet it was so addictive. When it's still hot, a dip into the wasabi mayo and once you had it, you just can't stop. The nice outer crunch and moist chicken meat was just so delicious.

Cheese Sauce Gratin RM 38 nett

Ricotta Spinach Ravioli

These 2 dishes was just so good that if I could fit all in, I would just eat both on my own.  But be warned, this pasta dish is a little heavy especially the load of cheese they offer but it was - satisfaction. The Ricotta Spinach Ravioli was just beautiful. You get the nice firm bite of the ravioli and the oozing cheese covering it, so good.

Four Cheese Ravioli

Penne Napolitana - RM 36nett
Tomato sauce with garlic, onions, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and parmesan cheese.

For those who just love it as simple as possible, then you may love this.

Spaghetti Meatballs RM 33nett
Tomato basil sauce with chicken meatballs, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

The meatballs was nicely seasoned and each bite into it offered a nice blend of juicy moist centre.

Aglio E Olio RM 35nett
Garlic, olive oil, sweet basil, cherry tomatoes and chili flakes.

The spiciness kick from the pasta was just right. Wasn't too empowering or I would have drown the whole area with my sweat. 

Sambal Chicken Calzone [9" - RM 41nett] [12"-RM 46nett]
Half moon pizza stuffed tomato base, capsicum, onion, pineapple, sambal, chicken and mozarella cheese.

Now that looks like one pretty huge karipap. Well instead of the open-faced pizza, the Calzone is a baked folded pizza. Filled with a nice fragrant mild spicy sambal filling together with all the other ingredients. Best eaten when it's still hot.

Pepperoni 9" - RM 35nett , 12" - RM 40nett
Tomato base, pepperoni slices, mozzarella cheese, onions and cherry tomatoes. 

The pizza's are freshly made and you may just have a look at the chef flipping up the pizza base.

Frutti Di Mare - 9" - RM 42nett , 12" - RM 48nett
Marinated squid, prawns, seabass, garlic flakes, mozarella cheese and a dash of lemon herb dressing. The mixture of ingredients such as squid and seabass gave a nice seafood flavour while the pizza on overall was so appetizing.

While for desserts, make sure you have room for it.

Lemon Cake - RM 22nett
Italian lemon cake served with lemon cream and berry coulis.

I have always been craving for something citrusy and the Lemon cake was just perfect. The moist cake which was mild sweet and the nice aroma from the cake was just so appetizing. I could probably use a whole cake. Haha

Tiramisu - RM 26nett

If you plan to go up to Pizzeria, then don't forget to enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery back there. Great food with great ambiance, I guess nothing could possibly beat that.

To quench your thirst, the Arizona Sunset is a drink to have. Made from Mandarin syrup, lime juice, mango juice and lemonade. 

Pizzeria certainly is a spot that not only offers a bountiful of delicious flavours but also ables on to enjoy such perfect atmosphere to go it with. So Rock your way to Pizzeria at Hard Rock Hotel Penang and Rock away to a happy tummy :)

Pizzeria operates 11am-11pm daily.

Thanking Hard Rock Hotel Penang for hosting.

For more information
Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach,
11100 Penang, Malaysia

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Healthy and Delicious Dishes with US Potatoes

It was a potato event, so they stuffed us until we go so fat. Haha. Well of course that did not happened. I was indeed very privileged to be among the guest that day for the event by Potatoes USA. It as an event that showcased all those fine products made by U.S. potatoes. with a twist of creation that gives you a brand new delicious treat.

The event wasn't about just consuming all those fine potatoes. It was an exposure and also an educational event which made us know about the U.S Potatoes better in general.

The US Potatoes are categorized into 3 categories:
-Fresh Potatoes
-Frozen Potatoes
-Dehydrated Potatoes

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Durian Puff at Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa Penang

It's that time of the year where durian lovers get to enjoy their favourite fruit, Durian which is also known as the king of fruits. Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa surely didn't miss out of using durian into their culinary creation for this year too. Back then, it was burger with durian and this time around, they are delighted to introduced their specially made Durian Puffs. These delightful melt-in-your-mouth treats are now available until Sept 2017 at Rasa Deli.

Durian lovers, start drooling :)

The delicious treat was created by Executive Pastry Chef Dino Wan and his pastry team who had gone through a handful of attempts in order to create the best possible pastry and cream combination that captures bold durian flavours encased by cream puff pastry.

It was an instant hit among loyal customers and guest. The aroma was mild but when you sink your teeth into it and the oozing cream of durian just pampers your palate away.

The best part of it is that, it ain't no any ordinary durian that is used, but Musang King varieties.
Its preparation takes place in a controlled room temperature so that the taste of real durian is retained. Besides the finest fresh ingredients, the durian cream filling also comprises bread flour, brown sugar, a pinch of salt, unsalted butter, water, milk and eggs. Filtered water is used since it is softer than less acidic, which in turn gives the durian cream filing a molten texture.

A lot of constant whipping is required to create its creamy and silky characteristics. The puff are baked in the pastry kitchen using plain and bread flour for a smooth, soft texture with a spongy taste.

According to Chef Dino, “We have been selling an average of 150 durian cream puff a day and purchases are mainly walk-in customers who learned about it by word of mouth. The Durian Cream Puff promotion will be on until end of September. 

You can enjoy these delicious Durian Puff for only RM 8nett per piece and I am pretty sure one piece wouldn't be enough to satisfy. The best part is you only pay RM 20nett for 3 pieces.
The Durian Puffs are best taken slightly cold so that you get the feeling of biting into pastry with bursting smooth cream.”

So head up to Shangri-la's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa before the end of Sept to enjoy this mouth-watering dessert. If you love Durian, then you shouldn't miss out on this.

Psssst. Want the recipe? Just drop your email in the comment section below :)

Thanking Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang for hosting.

For more information
Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach, 
11100 Penang
Tel: +604-888 8888

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Regiustea is Now in Penang at Queensbay Mall Penang

There something exciting in town and it just brought tea drinking up to a new level. Regiustea Tea, a brand that hails from Hong Kong has opened it's very first Penang outlet at Queenbay Mall recently. While this being the 3rd outlet, the peeps at KL and Johor has been enjoying it way earlier that us. Being a pioneer in the industry, Regiustea is no stranger when it comes to Cheese Tea beverage.

I was truly privileged to be given the chance to indulge into the delicious blends of creations that day. Be prepared to be spoilt with choices as you approach the cashier.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Chinese & Sze Chuan Cuisine Promotion at Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

It's so good to be visiting Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang once again. My first trip which I think was about 2 years back was to review their buffet dinner and for this time around, it was time to pamper my palates with all the delicious Chinese delectable dishes especially their on-going promo on Sze Chuan Cuisines.

Renowned HALAL certified Chinese restaurant, Evergarden which is located on the First floor of the hotel offers wonderful flavours of from different style of cooking such as Chinese, Nyonya, Hainan Delights as well as Sze Chuan Delights.

Led by Chinese Chef Lim Kim Hai and his team, they stormed up the kitchen with all these wonderful creations.

Shall we have a look what they have in-store for us :)

A walk pass the entrance and you will be welcomed into a spacious dining area, clean and cozy.

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