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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

燕 窝 Bird's Nest Delicacy Creation at 92 Armenian, Armenian Street Penang

Mention about bird's nest and people relate it to premium and luxury delicacy. Bird's nest is well-known for its rich and nutritional value which enhances our overall optimal health. Consuming bird's nest is good for any age and gender and the health benefits varies. 

It is said that pregnant mother's who consumed bird's nest frequently will benefit as it could help to strengthen their body and their baby, as well as speed up the post-birth recovery process and not only that, it is believed that their babies will have a smoother and finer complexion too. While for women in general, it helps in rejuvenating and maintaining smooth and radiant skin. In general, it improves organ performance, strengthens the immune system, helps maintain general health and well-being of the body.

92 Armenian at Armenian Street Penang has definitely taken a step further with creativity where apart from just selling birds nest, they have incorporated it into food items too. Splendid! and best thing of all, it goes really easy on your wallet. So now you can enjoy bird's nest and its nutrients at a very affordable price.

Located within the core zone of the  Unesco World Heritage Site, in the inner city of Georgetown; 92 Armenian definitely welcomes you with its mesmerizing heritage beauty on the exterior as well as the interior. A step into the premise and you will be amazed by not only of the displays of the bird's nest
but also the unique collection of the antiques they have. The cases of bird's nest are set on display for sale in the antique cupboards. You will also find amazing carving works on wood which is simply fascinating.

It really gives you that feel of going back in time. A nice nostalgic feeling when you dine here. It was all Wow! Wow! Wow! 

Alright so let's have a look at what 92 Armenian has in store.

The bird's nest sold here are of premium quality; sold in boxes with price ranging from hundreds to thousands.

Frankly, all that I knew and thought was when it comes to bird's nest, I only thought of bird's nest soup haha.. but 92 Armenian really made my eyes wide open with all the variations of food items that they have created. Fascinated and amazed at the same time.

Bird's Nest Porridge - RM 30

A hearty and comforting bowl of goodness. I guess it boils down to the most important thing was the broth of the porridge in overall. Cooked to perfection with shredded chicken and a generous serving of bird's nest on it. Mix it up and you get a nice bowl of porridge. Who would have thought, that you could have it as a meal too now.

Bird's Nest Egg Tart - RM 8/pc

Each bite of the bird's nest egg tart was heavenly. Flaky and buttery pastry crust that gives you that nice fragrant bite together with the nice moist egg tart filling and a nice portion of bird's nest on it.

I could probably eat the whole plate myself ...ermmm maybe more though haha :)

Bird's Nest Pineapple Tart 5pcs - RM 20

Nice chunks of pineapple filling wrapped in a fragrant pastry crust topped with bird's nest on it. Every bite of it makes you wanting more of it.

Keep em' coming please :)

Bird's Nest Jelly - RM 15

Having this in the hot weather was comforting. The jelly portion was generous. Had the nice jelly texture and it was not sweet. The usage of Goji Berry in the jelly does give it a nicer taster and bite. 

Bird's Nest Rice Dumpling - RM 25

The nutritious healthy ball is good for you. haha. The bird's nest are usage as the filling for the rice dumpling as well as you will find some in the soya bean milk. You will also find some filled with black sesame too. Most importantly the rice dumpling had the perfect bite texture. The scariest is to actually come across those outside that the skin is just so tough.   

Bird's Nest Cake - RM 25
For a moment, I thought oh no! a cake with whole load of cream? One bite and I was like 'hands off! that's mine..all mine" haha.. The bird's nest does not make the cake any tastier than it already is but I must say, I liked the flavour and the taste of the cake. Layers of moist sponge, with chunks of sweet delicious and irresistible mango with mango flavoured cream. With a spread of bird's nest on it, simply irresistible.

Apart from that, there is also the Bird's Nest with Ginseng which you will need to do prior reservation.

Looking at item below, makes one eagerly crave for it. A bowl with whole load of nutritional ingredients that makes this dessert truly remarkable. Each spoon is packed loaded with delicious ingredients.

The next items is made from pumpkin. The pumpkin is made into a puree form, more a sweet soup dessert kind but the sweetness was very mild. Scoop up and you will find the bird's nest inside of it.

The one below, it's pretty similar to the pumpkin version; just that this is made from taro/yam. Gingko nuts was also found together with the bird's nest in it.

How about a serving of cool refreshing dessert of dragon fruit scooped into balls with bird's nest.

For those who are living a healthy lifestyle especially cutting down on sugar intake, you will be happy that the items here, majority of them are less sweet. I guess it is ideal especially now people are more health conscious.

Here are the items that you will find back at 92 Armenian. Variations are not that many at the moment, but I am pretty sure that even with what that is available, you will certainly come back for more.

I was given the opportunity to take a short tour on the upper levels of the premise. Love the antique set up of the home stay. From antique dressing table to even the old antique table fan. How fascinating is that! But sadly was told that the premise will no longer operate the home stay section. 

Also on the upper level, the owner mentioned that the place is ready to be offered for those who wish to have their business meet-ups over delicious food bird's nest delicacy.

For all the goodness that the bird's nest could bring to our body, given the affordable price; it is certainly not to be missed. So if you are in town or if you happen to be in Penang, mark your itinerary. 92 Armenian is not to be missed. 

Thanking 92 Armenian for hosting and their warm hospitality given.

For more information:
92 Armenian
92, Armenian Street,
 10200 George Town,
Tel :  +604-2519712
Operating Hour :10am- 7pm (Daily)
92 Armenian FB

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