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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Buffet Promotions at Cititel Penang

I have dine at Main Street Café at Cititel Penang on numerous occasions with my family, but this time around it was different as I was invited for a review. Wohooo! Couldn't be more excited.

Main Street Café is no surprise when it comes to dining at such an affordable price that comes with a wide variety of food to choose from. That is also one of the reason's why my family tend to prefer to dine back here too.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

燕 窝 Bird's Nest Delicacy Creation at 92 Armenian, Armenian Street Penang

Mention about bird's nest and people relate it to premium and luxury delicacy. Bird's nest is well-known for its rich and nutritional value which enhances our overall optimal health. Consuming bird's nest is good for any age and gender and the health benefits varies. 

It is said that pregnant mother's who consumed bird's nest frequently will benefit as it could help to strengthen their body and their baby, as well as speed up the post-birth recovery process and not only that, it is believed that their babies will have a smoother and finer complexion too. While for women in general, it helps in rejuvenating and maintaining smooth and radiant skin. In general, it improves organ performance, strengthens the immune system, helps maintain general health and well-being of the body.

92 Armenian at Armenian Street Penang has definitely taken a step further with creativity where apart from just selling birds nest, they have incorporated it into food items too. Splendid! and best thing of all, it goes really easy on your wallet. So now you can enjoy bird's nest and its nutrients at a very affordable price.
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