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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lio Cheung "Here I Stand" Art Exhibition at G Hotel Gurney Penang

(L) G Hotel General Manager, Mr Michael Hanratty, Director of Communications, Christina Tan and Hong Kong Artist, Lio Cheung.

This is my second invitation to an art exhibition and I am grateful to G Hotel for extending this invitation to me to be part of the launching of Lio Cheung's art exhibition. G Hotel Gurney is honored to host Lio Cheung, an independent Hong Kong based artist. This is her first exhibition in Malaysia. Lio Cheung presents a set of impressive works under the theme “Here I Stand” which demonstrates how the external environment affected her daily life in Hong Kong. The artworks have developed an indirect dialogue by questioning the core values of the people in the city of Hong Kong at the same.

Born in Hong Kong, Lio Cheung attempts to explore the dimension of human consciousness, also the relationship between human finitude and the society. Instead of producing art in a rational process, Lio Cheung prefers to create art that is experimental, no matter if it seems risky or easy to fail, the unexpected result will make things more exciting. She believes that art is another platform that can communicate to the world and a way to achieve a sense of belonging to this particular place at this present time. Graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts at University RMIT, Lio Cheung continues to pursue her passion for art. Her ability to capture abstract through reality has marked her entry as a known artist and brought her to numerous exhibitions throughout Hong Kong. She has also been highlighted in many newspapers, magazines and got her works exhibited in numerous galleries, art centres and museums.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Celebrate Valentine's Day at Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Penang

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not surprise your loved ones to a celebration of that special occasion at Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa. The hotel is all set to welcome you and your loved ones at 3 of their dining spots.

Pork Leg Rice at Kedai Kopi 1818 Penang

So after trying out the economy rice at Kedai Kopi 1818, the stall then turns into a Pork Leg Rice stall by 3pm and I made a visit again around 4pm to try it. For a moment I thought it was just gonna be pieces of the meat and rice haha.. Guess it's more than that.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Economy Rice at Kedai Kopi 1818 Penang

Little did I know that hidden behind the main road of Jalan Pekaka 1 / Jalan Sungai Dua was a shop that sells a wide variety of dishes that looks so tempting and yet it goes very easy on the wallet. Kedai Kopi 1818 in Taman Pekaka which is located just the opposite of Tesco Extra and in front of Bangunan Lip Sin is an ideal place to stop by for lunch.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Amazing Promotions at Wingers & Diners Café, Merchant Hotel Penang.

If you drove from Penang Road towards the Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, you would have noticed the striking red signage of the new Merchant Hotel. I always remembered when it first opened, as the window panels were visible I would see the interior of the place as you know when you have been seeing a rather old hotel and suddenly the whole place is revamped into a brand new hotel with some chic design. Does create the curiosity to see what's the interior like. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Places To Dine This Chinese New Year in Penang

It's almost that time of the year as we usher the brand New Chinese New Year of the Monkey. Celebrate with your family and loved ones during this festive celebration at these various locations which offers splendid variety of cuisine for you to indulge.

Here's a compilation of places that you could look at

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Chinese New Year Dinner at G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai, Penang

Thinking of saving up the hassle and just dine out for this coming Chinese New Year? Head over to either G Hotel Gurney or G Hotel Kelawai and grab a table of 10 persons (minimum reservation of 1 table) for the 8-course Golden Monkey Chinese New Year Dinner and go on a Chinese gastronomy journey with the festive must-have Salmon Yee Sang, fried shell-less Prawn in Butter Pumpkin sauce, Steamed Cod Fish, Chinese dessert of sweetened Longan with Glutinous Black Sesame Balls and more.

Chinese New Year With Hotel Jen Penang.

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with Hotel Jen Penang as they prepare a prosperous feast for you and your family as you welcome the brand new year of the Monkey.

Dine This Chinese New Year With A View At 59Sixty Restaurant Penang

 Gather with friends and family as you celebrate and welcome the Chinese New Year at 59sixty Restaurant with an array of delicious food as well as a spectacular view of Penang. 

Celebrate Valentines Day With A Panaromic View At 59sixty Restaurant Penang

Why not express your love and appreciation to your loved one this Valentines Day way up high at 59sixty Restaurant. With an amazing view that makes it even more special. Celebrate the togetherness that you both share over a special set dinner. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chinese New Year Prosperity Buffet at The Bungalow, Lone Pine Hotel Penang

I was thrilled as this was my first visit to review the food at Lone Pine Hotel Penang. With Chinese New Year just days away, bring the family over to The Bungalow as the chefs are ready to storm up the kitchen with an array of delicious authentic Chinese New Year cuisine to welcome the year of the monkey.
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