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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Money can't buy : Collaboration with Warner Music Malaysia

So 1 day I received an email and indicated about working together by someone from Warner Music Malaysia. First read and I went all skeptical thinking "Is this a spam or some kind of hoax" because the email asked for my information etc. After getting to know it was legit, my heart and my face smiled happily. 

Though this is something relatively new to me as I have never covered anything of such but I am so thrilled and super duper excited that I am fortunate enough to be given such opportunity to work together with Warner Music Malaysia. 

Though I am not sure as to how long will I be given the chance to collaborate or how it will work out for me, I hope everything goes smoothly. Well here's a toast to my new journey in reviewing & blogging and kicking off October 2014 with  a bang.

Thank you Warner Music Malaysia for giving me such an opportunity that even money can't buy.

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