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Monday, July 28, 2014

Tree Bar - Not just a tree, it's a bar at G Hotel Penang

*Something special awaits you at the end of this post*

A new bar spot is in town and it ain't your normal bar because it is a Tree Bar. Tree Bar is definitely a new wonderful addition to G Hotel's food and beverage portfolio. Open on the 19 June 2014 and officially launched on the 11 July 2014, Tree Bar offers the best beers and bites in town. Now you may be thinking Tree Bar, tree and bar? Bar on a tree ? or tree on a bar? haha well the bar is located under a tall majestic tree. 

The bar is located at the al fresco area of G Hotel. Presented by interplay of innovation and tradition. Comfortable bar top seating, conventional dining tables offering aesthetics of style and comfort while dining and if you prefer to sit in the open then you may opt for the alfresco area. Ok how about if it rains? The rain will not be an issue for you and your drink or bites because there's a shaded area as well. 

Well the tree has been around for over 80 years. They did not want to bring the tree down, so they incorporated the and the tree. Now customers get to chill to the , relax and enjoy in a open space bar with the tall majestic tree while the Hotel does their bid in saving the environment but not chopping the tree down. Kudos.

The gigantic tree that you see, it is said that it is over 80 years old. Now that is one old tree.

By just looking at this, it shows how you can just sit back unwind while enjoying the cooling ambience, great drinks and food. Oh and I must not forget the upbeat yet relaxing music makes everything a perfect spot to be. Certainly a place that is unpretentious and stress releasing.

How about a change? Sit back at the stylish wooden bar in an open-air concept. 

Stella Artois beer is something you should look forward to as the brew is hardly found in Penang and Tree Bar serves it. 

The draught beer brands that  Tree Bar serves are Carlsberg, Asahi, Connor's, Stella Artois, Lowenbrau and Hoegarden.

If you love your beer, you will love Tree Bar even more because currently they are having a Draught Galore promotion whereby :-
Before 9.30 pm - Buy 1 get 2 Free
After 9.30 pm - Buy 1 get 1 Free
( Carlsberg, Asahi, Connor's, Stella Artois, Lowenbrau and Hoegarden )

The menu does really go easy on your wallet. That is a good thing :)

Bottled beers are available too such as Tsing Tao, Guiness, Little Creatures Bright Ale and Pale Ale, Warsteiner, Somersby Cider and others. 

The Stella Artois beer

Shown here is the Singapore Sling.

As for cocktails, you will find Long Island Iced Tea, Atlantic Breeze, Malaysian Dream, Rum Jungle and Blue Hawaiian. If you prefer heavier taste, then there is more than 12 choices of single malt whiskeys, 12 types of liquers and also more than 15 types of liquors. 

While if alcoholic drinks are not your type, there is also non-alcoholic beverages for you. A selection of coffee - black coffee, espresso, lattes, while teas - earl grey and english breakfast, fruit juices and soft drinks.

Now let's get to the food part. Munch away..

For salads, there is the Caesar Salad, Nicoise Salad and others. 

If you love your greens and your consume beef, then you should try 

 Thai Beef Salad RM 16
 The dish is made out of beef slices, mango, lime leaf, Thai basil leaves, onions and chillies marinated in plum mango sauce. Now that sounds interestingly delicious. 

Nicoise Salad  RM 16
with pan seared tuna

Guacomole and Tortilla Chip  RM 15
with pico de gallo

Deep-Fried Calamari RM 22
Buttermilk breaded crispy golden brown calamari rings with chili lime dressing & shaved lemon.

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Skewer RM 21
Marinated with lemon, salt and black pepper. The tangy taste will delight your taste buds.

Golden Chicken Wings RM 21
Deep-fried calamansi marinated chicken wings ser ed with sweet chili dipp

Mezze with Pitz Bread RM 16
Hummus and baba ganoush

Garlic Bread RM 7
Toasted french baguette spread with homemade garlic butter 

Bucket of Chilled Shrimp
RM 25 (250gram) / RM 49 (500gram)
Served with homemade cocktail sauce

Surf & Turf Quesadilla RM 32
Grilled steak, lobster, mozarella cheese, tomato & beef bacon lardons with garlic olive aioli

Battered Fish RM 21
served with wasabi aioli

Smoked Salmon Roll  RM 28
Horseradish cream, capers & dill

Char Siew Chicken Slider RM 18
Asian peanut slaw and cucumber chili sauce

Fondue Madness RM 25
Beef or cheese (gruyere, emmental & swiss)

If you love something heavy to fill your tummy then there is BIG BUNS. 
Bread of your choice : Cabatta, Sesame Bun or Sundried Tomato
Potato of your choice : Truffle Fries, Spicy Wedges or French Fries

 Tree Bar Big Bun RM 22

If you prefer hot dogs over burgers then you may try 

Chilling Dog RM 18

For those who are sweet tooth, craving for desserts? Tree Bar offers a variety of desserts such as Macadamia Brownies with Hazelnut Mousse, Coconut Panna Cotta, Apricot Cream Cheese Mousse, Banana Chocolate Tart and Gula Melaka Crème Brulee

OK now comes the interesting part.

In conjunction with the recent opening of Tree Bar, G Hotel together with Tree Bar is extremely thrilled to be sharing the joy to their ever supportive customers and readers of this blog by treating you to FREE Golden Chicken Wings  worth RM 21 ++ with any purchase.  Yes you read that right, any purchase. 

This voucher is valid until 31 August 2014. 
Photocopies are accepted.

*T&C apply.

Thanking G Hotel and Tree Bar for this kind treat.

Tree Bar
Operating Hours : 11.00 am until 1.00 am daily

For further information about G Hotel
Tel : +604 - 238 0000

* All prices stated are subject to 10% Service tax & 6% Goverment Tax

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Celebrate Mid Autumn with Gartien小田佳園 Pineapple Cakes - Mid Autumn Edition

Pineapple cakes are one of the best sought after delicacy to have especially during festive seasons. In conjunction with the Mid Autumn Festival which is not too far away, Gartien is now having their Mid Autumn Edition, wrapping their deliciously fresh made Pineapple Cakes made from rich quality and fresh ingredients.

They had just recently moved to a new location and also had their official launch on the 20 July 2014. Congratulations Gartien !!!

Presenting you the Gartien Pineapple Cakes Mid Autumn Edition. The colorful design and the cute graphical designs makes the whole package an interesting item to be given as gifts for Mid Autumn.

Well not only Gartien has come up with an interesting edition pack but they have also establish an interestingly unique look of their premise. Yet the ambiance that it brings, calm and relaxing. A perfect spot to enjoy the Pineapple Cakes over tea. 

Seen here are the pineapple cakes wrapped in flowery designed purple wrapper, the box cover and the paper bag.

What makes Gartien's Pineapple Cake special? Firstly it is secret home recipe, secondly nothing beats the fresh and pure ingredients that it is made from, therefore making taste of the locality to perfection. The pineapples are freshly picked from their plantation farm. Making each bite of perfect combination; flaky baked golden pastry with the tangy pineapple filling just melts in your mouth and makes you craving for more. 

Now look at the interior walls by the back, interesting isn't it?

A box of these delicious pineapple cakes are only RM 45 ( self collection ). Well, you may be staying in another state and might be thinking " Oh no, how will I be able to get my hand on these yummy pineapples cakes when I am no where near Penang?" No to worry, because you can also opt for delivery. Have it  couriered to your door, a fix courier charges of RM 10 ( Peninsular Malaysia ) & RM 40 ( East Malaysia ) shall be applicable.

The price is fixed throughout the year unless stated otherwise by Gartien.

I have GOOD NEWS for you.
- Pre-order yours today, as orders of 5 boxes and above  BEFORE 4 August 2014 entitles you to a FREE BOX. 
- While for orders AFTER 4 August 2014, orders of 10 and above entitles you to a FREE BOX (Subject to availability)

Week 1 : 4 August  2014 - 10 August 2014
Week 2 : 11 August 2014 - 17 August 2014
Week 3 : 18 August 2014 - 24 August 2014
Week 4 : 25 August 2014 - 31 August 2014
Week 5 : 1 September 2014 - 5 September 2014

Place Your Orders HERE

Not only that, Gartien is also offering FREE Parking for their customers. Below is the location as to where you are able to park your vehicle. Remember to bring along your parking ticket and approach the staff to get your FREE parking stamp.

Gartien 小田佳园
Address : 380 Jalan Penang, 10000 Penang. ( Located next to Kek Seng Coffee Shop / 格成茶室 )
Contact : +604 - 229 0068
Business Hours : 9.00 am - 6.00 pm daily
Website : Gartien
Facebook : Gartien FB 
GPS : 5.416298, 100.329380

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