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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Official Launch of “Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School”

This is my first time stepping into Tropical Spice Garden. Never did I know that what awaits me inside is just magnificent. A pure beauty of nature. I was honoured to be there to be part of the launch of TSG's Cooking School on the 6th May 2011. Imagine cooking surrounded by the lush of greens and not concretes everywhere and cooking with fresh herbs and spices that is found within the area.

 We were given a guided walk in the jungle rich with herbs and spices. This is a good opportunity as it would be my first time seeing everything all fresh which has not yet to be processed.
The beauty of nature is mesmerizing

Look at who is sleeping among the branches..

The guest of honour as well as the honourable guests giving full concentration

Ms Katharine Chua, owner of TSG, welcoming guest to the opening

YB Danny Law, Penang State EXCO for Tourism, Development and Culture, giving his speech

Looks who is da house, our very own ever comical, Malaysia's top celebrity chef, Chef Wan
Looks nice doesn't it
 The kitchen is able to accommodate up to 10 people per class having a personal space for each person to do their hands-on cooking. The cooking school is equip with 10 cooking stovetops [20 hobs], 1 oven, 2 large refrigerators, 1 outdoor grinding stone statio and a outdoor grilling station. 
Coffee & tea facilities
Ok tuan tuan dan puan puan,, hari ni kita akan masak

The items used for the cutting of ribbon ceremony

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, ha inilah cara nya kita buat Nasi Ulam
 The food item that Chef Wan prepared was the traditional Nasi Ulam. The Nasi Ulam will be the first food that is prepared in the cooking school venue in occassion with the official opening.
Chef Wan feeding Ms Katharine :)

Ok now its YB Danny's time to be fed by Chef Wan

Time to leave their mark on the plaque

TSG's Cooking School is now OPEN
Left we havePuan Azizah Othman and 2nd Left, Pearly Kee
 The TSG Cooking School Resident Chefs are made up of experienced and talented people-

Mdm Pearly Kee - who specializes in Nyonya & Indian Cuisine

Mdm Lily Tan - who specializes in Hawker favourites & Chinese Home Cooking

Puan Azizah Othman - who specializes in Malay Cuisine.
Chef Wan having a laugh with YB Danny Law, saying that YB's glass jar would fit well as a decoration for this TV show


Time to sign autographs

In person, Chef Wan even with 2 cooking utensils can still make us laugh

 For more info about the cooking school , kindly click HERE

Click HERE for the schedule.

Those interested to book can book ONLINE or call Azimah at 604-8811797.

Tropical Spice Garden
Lone Crag Villa, Lot 595 Mukim 2,
Jalan Teluk Bahang,
11100 Penang, Malaysia.

El Casa Wine & Dine Restaurant

How about dining in a place that serves pork-free homemade Mediterranean food and NO MSG with a wide variety of wine to go with your meal in a cozy ambiance ? El Casa is your place to dine for the above mentioned. As you walk into the restaurant, a warm relaxing environment welcomes you.
A cozy relax place

Daily Chef's Homemade Special Western Cream Soup ~ RM 6.90
The soup that was served that day was Tomato Soup
Homemade Puree of Forest Mushroom Soup ~ RM 6.90


Nice pieces of tea sets that just makes drinking tea very class :)

Among the variety of tea that was served

There is also a variety of Flower Teas that you could also enjoy. Among the teas that are available are along with the benefits of drinking that particular tea :

Organic Green ~ RM 6.90
Helps in lowering the cholestrol & blood pressure, straightens the immune system and anti-ageing.

Jasmine ~ RM 5.90
Cools the body, refreshes the mind, helps catharsis, regulates aging and constipation

Pink Rose ~ RM 6.90
Regulates the blood circulation, purifying, cleansing and detoxifying, also helps skin appear glowing and youthful.

Red Tea ~ RM 5.90
Anti-oxidant rich, caffeine free conferring substantial health benefits

Chrysanthemum ~ RM 5.90
Good in treating cough, expectorant, anti-oxidation, enchances the immunity, inhibition of blood cholestro and high blood pressure.


El Casa Salad ~ RM 11.90
dThe El Casa Salad is the signature salad. The dressing that was mixed with the greens were a special homemade salad dressing that went well with it. Unlike the usual salad, the dressing was more of a slightly sweet taste. The salad was meant to be mixed together with sun-dried tomate, but unfortunately that day, the sun-dried tomatoes that came wasn't up to par to the standard that was required. So it was not served in the salad.
Signature Dish - Homemade Chicken Au Gratin ~ RM 17.90
If you are a person who loves something extra cheesy then this is your choice.
Look at how creamy it looks. say cheez

Pan-Roasted Fillet of Norwegian Salmon ~ RM 27.90

Sirloin Steak 180g ~ RM 28.90
The beef that we had, looked more of medium rare. It was so juicy.
Spaghetti Seafood Cabonara ~ RM 18.90
The dish that I waited for the whole night has finally arrived. The Spaghetti Seafood Cabonara. My all time favourite. As simple as it looks but each mouth makes you craving for more. A mixture of squid, prawns and small chunks of fish cooked in a heavely cream sauce. Sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with a piece of toasted French baquette.
Pan Roasted Seabass Fillet with Arrabiata Sauce ~ RM 19.90

Charcoal Grilled Hawaii Chicken ~ RM 13.90

Home Desserts ~ RM 5.90
The outdoor dining
If you prefer dining in the open air rather than in the air-conditioned, there's an out door area which I am sure you will love. Feels like dining in a home garden. A feeling which I guess not many people get to enjoy.

Where to dine : No.2 Jalan Irrawady, 10500 Penang.

Google Map GPS : 5.425589,100.321537

Contact : 604-2299223 

Business hours : Opens Daily Lunch 11am-3pm, Dinner 6pm-10pm

Wi-Fi & Ample parking spare availble.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chop, Chop, Chop @ Fruuze frozen yogurt, Straits Quay

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If you have been to Straits Quay, Penang, you will notice a shop with a rather comfortable place to relax just opposite Pappa Rich. Fruuze Frozen Yogurt is a spot for you to sit back, relax and enjoy every spoon of the frozen yogurt. Currently serving 4 types of flavours. They are original-strawberry, blueberry - mango. Unfortunately, if you wish to have a mix of 2 flavours to enjoy, it is only available in the 2 combination as mentioned. So you can't opt for blueberry - strawberry or original - mango. Pity that the "restriction' works that way.

Time to dig in :)
There is a promotion which is being carried out which you will like it. For regulars there, this will benefit you :) . A chop stamp will be chop onto "reward yourself" card with every RM10 spent on a single receipt. Once you have had 10 chops, you can exchange for a FREE MEDIUM YOGURT. Well isn't that COOL !

Base on my visit there, the card is valid for 6 months.

The T&C is stated at the back of the card
Bills, Bills, Bills :)
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