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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pasar malam

The delicous Char Koay Kak

The Lor Bak with 4 different  sauces :- 
chili sauce, mayonnaise, black pepper and cheese sauce

 Apam Balik or Ban Chang Kuih

Fried Wantan RM3 for 10pcs which was really nice
Tuesday evenings are my favourite time as it is the day for the night market / "pasar malam" at Tanjung Bungah. As usual parking is a big headache but ive been lucky in a sense i dont have to wait long for a nice spot. A big crowd of people who goes there are the TAR College students.

The char koay kak is never a miss whenever i go. In comparison to the auntie that sells in the market, the pasar malam one stands out. Tastier ,nicer and fragrant. Further she always has a facial expression that makes you feel shes always in a bad mood. Never see her smiling. Want to get hers also scared.

With quite a number of selection of food available. There only a few things i usually get while back there. Apart from the char koay kak, another favourite of mine is the apam balik or the chinese pancake - ban chang kuih.. Mine is with brown sugar which makes it even nicer. 

Grabbed a few stuff then went back home to indulge the yummy food.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shopping Day

A few frens of mine and 1 tagged a friend of ours who wanted to do some Chinese New Year shopping. Destination was Queensbay Mall. A few retail outlets such as Padini and Hush Puppies were crowded. It was as though everything was free. The ladies had plans to enter La Senza at the end of the day.

After hours and hours of walking, the gals tried a few clothing from Forever 21. It was like fashion show in Milan. Change, come out then back in their changing room. Finally it was the last destination,which was their "heaven". So a male companion of mine, was beside his girlfriend when the sales person told him " You could get this thong. As i have male customers who buys this as well". At that very moment looking at that black thong, it reminded us of a scene from our locally produced movie "GREAT DAY".

He told the sales person, this is used to tie the bunga kantan. It was funny as the sales person was laughing in embarrassment at the same time.

The scene was where the character, an elderly uncle ,Ah Kong (grandpa) took the maids under garment, the thong, and use it to tie the 'bunga kantan", the flower used for laksa. It was so hilarious thinking back about that scene.
 Cool ABC


The food that we shared

By 8pm, all of us were drained, exhausted and hungry. So we headed to the Market in Bayan Baru. Craving for its Tom Yam Maggie. It was still open when we arrived but there was only prawn left. No more pork and fish. So i ordered my tom yam with only the noodles. Just to satisfy my craving for tom yam. With few other dishes we had like fried oysters, popiah and pasembur and i had my share of ABC-ice kacang, while others had their ice blended red bean and coconut. Great fun time !

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy News from WCM

As i posted days earlier, about the the contest that WorldCard Malaysia held for lucky fans to be selected to be in the 2nd Fan Trip Gathering which will be held on this coming 22. Around 4.30pm there was a wall post asking us to check our email.

And there it was, an email from them with the subject "Surprise from WCM". I could not describe how happy and excited I was to be selected for this trip. A big honor to be part of this huge event of the year.

Well now im counting down the days. It's near and hoping to meet them once again.

Tau Sar Pia delivery :p

Thank you WC :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Double surpise..surprise no 2

After the pleasant surprise, there was another knock. This time it was a box from the courier service. After signing i saw it was written Octo Soft Toy. And it was the 5 Octo soft toys which I was lucky to be chosen as one of the 10 Grand Prize winners by CIMB Malaysia.

As i opened the box, there laid 5 cute adorable 5 Octos. I bet my niece would go crazy seeing it. I recalled when during Christmas, my 7 year old niece called me asking me where did i get that cute Octo profile pic. As she wanted to have that in her FB profile photo as well. She was so captivated with the cute photos and here now I have those 5 Octos.

The 5 Cute and Adorable Octos

This is my first contest that I won for this year.

A BIG THANK YOU to CIMB Malaysia for making such a pleasant surprise for me.

Don't you just <3 them ^^

Double surpise..surprise no 1

There was knocking on the door, first was a parcel which was my supplement. Shortly another knock, which was the same person but this time it was an envelope from WorldCard Malaysia. It was a sudden surprise.
 The Voucher which was enclosed with the latest Catalogue

But I more or else knew what was inside. The reward from the My Travel Story which i won the 2nd Prize.

And there it was, my Universal Traveller Vouchers worth RM250. Shopping spree. Well my huge THANK YOU to WorldCard Malaysia for the vouchers and also to Universal Travellers for sponsoring it :)

My first movie at TGV Cinemas

Wednesday, it was Movie Day. I decided to go TGV for a first experience and the movie selected was a Hindi film called " No Problem". Movie pricing was at RM7, which was slightly more expensive compared to the other cinemas in Penang on movie day.

This was my first time being inside. As during the first day of operation, I was just standing outside taking photos of the place. Seen a few photos about the lounge and waiting area that they have, the photos shown was attractive but being there today to see with my own eyes was even more attractive.

As i step into the cinema. it was so NICE ! The seats, oh i love the seats. It was so comfortable. Seating for a 2 hours 30min movie was not a problem at all.

 A free gift of either Mentos, Polo or Crispy for you to select with every purchase of popcorn combo,

The walkway to the cinema halls

The spacious lounge for you to sit while you wait for you movie 

The walkway up to the cinema halls

 Spacious , Trendy

The Bean Bag Seat
I love the whole design that TGV has. Guess we have been seeing the same design over and over for a while now. And their attarction that is unique is the bean bag seating. I was told that the pricing for the bean bag cinema is RM26. That would be a brand new experience. Something out of the ordinary :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Britney is BACK !!!

Britney is back with her upcoming 7th studio album. First single taken from the album is "Hold It Against Me". It was just released on the 11th of January 2011. The music is more of a dance-club-pop with upbeat music.It has been told that the music video will be shot somewhere in the month of January.

Will her brand new single dominate the charts? We will have to wait and see soon .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Alycia ^^

Wow times sure flies. I recalled seeing my niece who was a little girl back then growing up and now she is already 12 years old. Wishing her a great year ahead as with UPSR is this year, hope she gets good results. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYCIA :)

Chance to be part of the 2nd WCM Fans Gathering

Well it was all about going GREEN. That was the theme for fans who were interested to be part of the 2nd Fan Gathering this 22 Jan 2011 in Genting Highlands. We were required to do a board with wording of " 50,000 th Fan It's Me!" . Lucky thing that ive tons of things that were kept for recycling. It was fun doing it. Even did until 4 in the morning. At first  i thought it was horrid. the board was like a kindy kid's artwork but will all the compliments, it was a relief.

Hoping I can get a chance to be part of the 2nd Fan Trip this time. Wish me luck and Good luck to all :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

TGV Cinemas in Penang

Today TGV Cinemas opens its doors and here is a glimpse of how it looks.
hosting 8 halls for your enjoyment. There is a free gift with every purchase of  popcorn combo.

New Cinemax opens it's doors in Penang.

Penangites over in the island have something to be excited about as today we have a brand new cinema in the island. After a long wait, TGV Cinemas is finally here and it opens in 1st Avenue. 

It will host a total of 8 halls whereby one specially for 3D screenings. 

All I have to do now is, find a time when possible, head down and see, feel and hear for myself .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow my first WIN of the year.

I was chatting in FB, when Evone Tan asked

"Barry, you won octo?? "
I was like, no i din.

Guess the ?? mark gave it a spin lol.. I did infact won myself 5 cute octo soft toys from CIMB Malaysia.

Guess lady luck was on my side today. I can't wait for them to arrive my front door. So excited.

A big thank you to CIMB Malaysia.

Welcoming the brand new year.. 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Wow time sure flies. Last check and my last entry for my blog was a year ago -.-" poor blog.
Hoping  I will be able to blog here once again and not stop till the next year haha.

The year 2010 brought lots of fond memories despite it being a bumpy year for me.

Trip to the land of the rising sun in May was the most memorable thing of the year for me. It was my first time siting in a plane. The fun, excited and fear, all mixed up. Miss Japan so much as I type.

Down south to Johor and Singapore, which saw the newly opened much talked about Resort World Sentosa, Universal Studios and the casinos.

We had guest from Korea, our much missed 5 Friends, Pine, Estella, Erin, Jake and Blaise. It was really great knowing them with all the activities we did makes it hard to bid farewell in the end.

And ended the year with lots of events and gatherings, my birthday which was celebrated with my dear family and friends which money cant buy. Then it was Christmas and it was my first time ever up in Genting Highlands just after Christmas.

Speaking about Genting Highlands, last year was my first time experience heading up to G.H. more trips than i ever did in my whole life til now. This was made possible thanks to WorldCard Malaysia. Guess fate brought me to the page which made alot of difference ever since. From wining free rooms, worldpoints, even being honored to be the selected ones for the First Ever Fans Gathering which made it WOW...

Lastly a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for everything :)

Have a great 2011...
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