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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Midnight Economy Rice

A friend of ours,Steve from KL was down in Penang and was leaving back for KL the very next day after we met him. We met up for drinks at Coffee Island (along Gurney Drive) it was pretty pack with people as it was a Saturday night. It was a happening night. Soon after chit chating and laughing all night away, somebody came up with the idea of having economy rice. It caught me by surprise as I know of other food selling at that time of hour (hawkers and mamak shops/stall) but have not heard of economy rice sold at that hour -> midnight.
A friend of mine told me that it was located nearby the Bomba Station on Jalan Perak. Upon arriving only then I knew it was the place that I sometimes go for lunch but little did I know they opened for midnight meal as well.
What makes it even more surprising is the amount of people and the queue to get the rice and dishes. You will be amazed.
You will be spoil with the variety of dishes to choose from.
It is located just opposite the Clinic in Jalan Perak, the corner shop just before the Bomba if you are traveling from Jalan P.Ramlee.
Opens daily except for Fridays.

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