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Monday, January 25, 2010

To KL We Went

This was a rather quick trip. The 5 of us, Joyce,Ling,Kanzy,Edison and I traveled on a rainy Sat evening/night. Rain was so heavy that vision of the road was hard to be seen. Making it worst, after our stop at Tapah R&R. The car's air con suddenly was not functioning. Oh no!! Heavy rain + blurred vision + no air con + misty car window/glass = Bad situation. The misty windscreen reminded me so much of when I was in my school bus. When i use to sit in front beside the driver, if it rains, the whole school bus windows will get misty, I will have to take the cloth and wipe his windscreen.
Driving during that time was scary. Just prayed for a safe trip. Arrived at KL, almost midnight. By the time we reached Bukit Bintang, the water fountain located right in front of Pavilion had already been turned off. Lights were off. Only thing that was refreshing was the fresh flowers placed by the main entrance with red lit lanterns hanging above the flowers. It was a spectacular view of the flowers. Cameras were out. Pics were taken continuously. As Chinese New Year is 2weeks+ away. Everywhere is in the mood and decorations can be seen almost everywhere.
As the main trips purpose was for Naturally Plus Malaysia Opening Rally at PWTC. So wasn't much could be done. As after the event. Drove back to Penang. Tiring. But it was fun with great companions.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Midnight Economy Rice

A friend of ours,Steve from KL was down in Penang and was leaving back for KL the very next day after we met him. We met up for drinks at Coffee Island (along Gurney Drive) it was pretty pack with people as it was a Saturday night. It was a happening night. Soon after chit chating and laughing all night away, somebody came up with the idea of having economy rice. It caught me by surprise as I know of other food selling at that time of hour (hawkers and mamak shops/stall) but have not heard of economy rice sold at that hour -> midnight.
A friend of mine told me that it was located nearby the Bomba Station on Jalan Perak. Upon arriving only then I knew it was the place that I sometimes go for lunch but little did I know they opened for midnight meal as well.
What makes it even more surprising is the amount of people and the queue to get the rice and dishes. You will be amazed.
You will be spoil with the variety of dishes to choose from.
It is located just opposite the Clinic in Jalan Perak, the corner shop just before the Bomba if you are traveling from Jalan P.Ramlee.
Opens daily except for Fridays.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Been craving for chendul for quite sometime. Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul definitely is the spot.

No body leaves Penang without having a bowl of this made to perfection chendul. It is No.1 in Penang and I believe in Malaysia lets not also forget that people from different states would come here and have a bowl of this tasty dessert.

You will find tons of places selling chendul in Penang stalls, coffeeshops/kopitiams, foodcourts etc but nothing beats that taste you will get back there. The texture of the ingredients and taste is just perfect. Sweet tooth or not, practically everyone would love it. There is nothing like a nice bowl of chendul on a hot sunny day.

You will be amazed by the daily crowd queuing for their chendul or ice kacang. And most people would be standing while enjoying their dessert.

So what does chendul consist of?
Strips of smooth green pandan noodles made from rice flour mixed together with red beans, coconut milk, and shaved ice, topped with fragrant gula melaka (black sugar syrup). These combination of ingredients simply blends in perfectly well. Every spoon of it makes you craving for more.

When did chendul came into the picture? History has it that the teochew chendul has been around since 5 decades ago in 1945. This unique flavored dessert was founded by
the late Tan Teik Fuang. Now his 3 children, Tan Chong Khoay, Tan Chong Seng and Tan Chong Kim manages the business.

They have also opened a few outlets in Penang as well as in other states in Malaysia. The latest outlet/shop was opened just down the road not far from their stall in Penang Road. Situated at the pathway of Komtar Walk. It offers a brand new additional taste, coffee and durian. And excellent food such as laksa and many more others to go together with their dessert.

Main Stall
21, Keng Kwee Street

(off Penang Road)
10000 Penang


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bon Appétit - Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti , my favourite. Guess it has been many many months since I last cooked it. On Sat, i decided to cook it and invite a few friends over. Those who supposedly just for the sake of commenting on my FB status ended up coming to eat. It really caught them by surprise " What you really did cook for us?" I was like " Yea, i cooked for you guys".
Lots of work- mise en place, cooking n the worst part cleaning. At the end of the day, initially i thought the bolognaise sauce will
have lots more remaining. Didn't know it was almost clean by the end of the day.
It brings great joy to see and hear that my guest aka my friends, enjoyed their meal and their Lemon Lime Bitters. A drink which is a mix of 7-UP, Lemon and drops of Bitters. A friend of mine who studied in Australia back then taught me to do this drink. I must say, this drink has been the likings of many. All will ask 'What drink is this?' It is NICE.
It was a great moment to see them enjoying their time chating away after a delicious meal I believe. :)
Hoping to cook the Spaghetti Carbonara sometime soon. Another favourite of friends including myself. Thanks to those who made time and for the compliments.

Appreciate it :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No Paint, No Game -> No Pain, No Gain

10 Jan. The day I had been waiting for. It was the day for the 2nd round of paintball (my 1st time playing). The first trip on the Jan 3, i was the photographer. This time around, I got on the field, went on a shooting spree and being shot at. Ouch.

Destination was Permatang Tinggi. I had to crawl out of bed to wake up at 7am on a Sunday, whereby supposedly to meet at a Kopitiam at 8am. I guess most of us could not wake up on time. We met for breakfast and then off to battlefield. Before that, few of us were first timer were like worried on what to wear to minimize the impact of the paint pallets, while some were second timer as they played previous week.

It is about 15-20min drive from Penang Bridge. Along the old road from Bukit Minyak. Easy to find location. Upon arrival, there is 2 fields that is visible as we about to enter the parking area. 1 field has all junk cars in it. More like cars that fitted the criteria for old scrap metal. There were already a handful of people in their gears and team uniforms. The company provides ample car park area. Which quite alot of cars were already parked when we got there. We than changed into out gears. Minus the armor which protects the body-was taken by others who were there earlier. So worried how if we were to be shot directly at our body. Ouch. Protective gear such as the mask, and paintball marker are available for rent. There is also n2 gas with unlimited refill, . Though the camouflage jackets were slightly on a stinking side. I guess when we wear and sweat, would not make much of a difference.

We kick start in a field which has planks build up as walls with some having gaps for the paintball marker to fire the paint pallets and for the person to have a front view. It was FUN. For the first 2 rounds, it was thrilling because vision was limited as the mask vision in only front. Holding the paintball marker was as if being in SWAT team. Firing the Paintball Marker was even more thrilling. We played 5 rounds in 2 different fields. The other field was more of a jungle field. Dark covered with trees. That is where i got my shot. A hit on my neck. It felt like being struck by a tennis ball. But it aint that bad :p

Heard of team member 'hiting' on own team member. Yes No? It happened to me. I was shooting at the direct opposite enemy when all of a sudden i felt a hit on my back. Was wondering did my enemy sneak by the side and positioned at my back, shot me without me realizing. Turning my head towards the direction, was my own team mate. -.-" He shot, somehow it back fired at me.
Next round, same person shot another team member. This time it was a direct front hit. Ouch.

We only tried 2 fields there. Did not had the chance to try the other fields. Looks pretty difficult compared to the fields we played.

13 of us. Total was RM520. Whereby each of us paid RM40. But it was worthwhile.

Those interested to get their own Markers, Mask etc may even get it back there. They have a room specially design for that. Not really a convenient place for shower. As they only have a toilet and a bathroom (very Kampung style).

Paintball is something new to me. Its been around for a some time. Seen fields here and there. This was a great fun thrilled experience for me and to many who was with me that day.

P.S Poor Winnie who was sick and could not join for round 2. Oh u missed so much fun. :p

More info link this - >

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Paintball..more like PAINball.. Ok, this is a first time. But i was not fit to play so I tagged along to take snap shots of those playing and to have a look at how the place was. We met for breakfast, then off across Penang Bridge towards Juru into Bukit Minyak and Permatang Tinggi, our destination. It was easy to find our destination. Specially when none of us from the 2 cars knew the way. All of us we first timer at paintball, excluding me as i didnt play. 20 min drive from the bridge, we saw the Permatang Tinggi signage then saw the paintball banner.
As we reached, we saw 2 types of field there before the parking area. We were the only persons there when we arrive. I believe all of us were so excited. Met a new friend there. Paintball is his hobby as he had his own gears and marker. They started scrambling around for gears, mask (cleaning them) then grabbing their own marker and headed to the 1st field.
The shooting began, those who got shot came out 1 by 1. You should have seen them especially after the first game was complete. They were like talking til there is no tomorrow. It was due to the excitement and adrenalin.
Some got shot on their hands, legs, thigh, neck etc. One of them got shot on the hand, which was pretty bad as it bled. The mark was like bigger than the 50 cents coin and red. Looks really pain though. I believe it was because he only had a short sleeve shirt on. So his hands were open.
By the end of the last game. All of us had enjoyed and exhausted. Bet the next day, the aches and pain will start. haha.
It was a great outing being with those friends playing a great game. Till round 2..SOON..
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